Because every cake has a story to tell!

The Cake Sensation

We bake Awesome

Always Veg

Cruelty Free. No eggs broken in the process. Vegan was, vegan always!

Fresh Made

Freshness is the key ingredient here.
We add this in each of our eatables!

Spreading Smiles

Ranging over 20+ Flavors and over 10+ Products. With each order, we make sure smile is packed with the cake.

Words from the Creator!

The journey started in 2017. It was a tough path but worth experiential. I started it from very scratch, gathered all the knowledge about this work. My family and friends supported me at each and every step to the success. There is a long way to go but at least I am sure that I am heading towards the right direction. Baking is my passion so I find myself to be very lucky that I am pursuing this as my profession. And a word for new entrepreneurs is big things take time so be patient and give your 100% if it's meant to be it will.

- Nimisha
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